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Misc Fractals

The creation of one of the misc fractals is very simple. Select the fractal you want to be plottet in the combobox. Then click the create button in the operations tool bar. For more iterations click the iterate button.

Mandelbrot Set

In the coordinates box the coordinates of the complex plane are shown. This information is for experts only.

To create the Mandelbrot set just press the "calculate" button. To zoom in you can click on the Mandelbrot set and drag the region you want to zoom in. Then click calculate again.

The iterations parameter indicates the number of iterations needed until a point in the complex plane is determined as member of the Mandelbrot set or not. The more iterations the longer it will take to calculate but the more detailed will the resulting Mandelbrot set be.

To save the Mandelbrot set to a bitmap(.bmp) just enter the width and height you need and click the save button.

The colouring of the mandelbrot fractal can be done in varying ways. Click the color options button to set the color options of the mandelbrot fractal.

In case you need more help or further information on the software dont hesitate to contact us.

Color Options Information