Fractal Explorer

9x9 Menger Sponge from inside:Menger Sponge Minecraft

27x27 Sierpinski carpet:

Sierpinski Carpet Minecraft

16 long Sierpinski Pyramide:

Sierpinski Pyramide Minecraft

Fractal Explorer

Minecraft Fractals - Basics


Fractals are often very detailed structures. The problem with fractals and minecraft beiing that the resolution in minecraft is fixed: 1m. That is why fractals in minecraft often are very large. I.e. a sierpinski triangle after the third iteration needs has a edge length of 8m. Beside the size problem there is also a more obvious problem: as there are only cubes in minecraft it will get very complicated to build certain fractals like the Koch curve or the Mandelbrot Set.

The solution to both problems is keep it simple. Only build small fractals (four to five iterations maximum) and only build simple fractals.


Buildable fractals in Minecraft