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If you want to build a Menger Sponge in Minecraft you have to be aware of some things. First of all it is not as easy to build as a sierpinski carpet. As the structure is no longer 2d but 3d it is more complex and thus harder to build. You will make mistakes and if you dont check every detail you might end up with a wrong menger sponge.

You also need much more ressources than for a sierpinski carpet. I.e. if you want to build a Menger Sponge after the third iteration (27x27x27) you need 8000 materials. Thats 125 stacks.


Menger Sponge - Iteration Rules

1.Take a cube.

2.Divide it into 27 smaller equal cubes.

3.Take away the cube in the center and all cubes in the center of the sides.

4.Take every remaining cube and repeat step 1-4


Menger Sponge Data


Size Material In Stacks Approx Building time


20 < 1 < 1 min


400 6,25 20-30 min


8000 125 6 - 10 h


160000 2500 500 - 1000h


Tips for the construction

Get all the materials you need before you start building the Menger Sponge. If you dont it is very likely that you loose the motivation.

Build it layerwise not cubewise. This is much easier and you wont make as many mistakes.

Build a small Menger Sponge first. It is very important to know the fractal.

If you want to build a 4th iteration menger sponge in minecraft i highly recommend to work on it as a team. It is also usefull to use cheats to get this many materials and you should definitly use the minecraft helper tool.

Here is a small tool, that should help you build the Menger Sponge. It shows you exactly where you have to build and how much ressources you will need.