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How to make money with fractals

The most obvious thing to make money with fractals is to produce fractal art and sell that. Just like regular art, fractal art has a good market and fractal art can be produced cheeper than regular art. There are many artists who specialised on fractal art and make a living with it.

But despite fractal art there is no easy way to transform your knowledge about fractals into money. Unlike some other skills the skill to think fractal has more of an intellectual value rather than a financial value. But even if the fractals skills you earn by learning about fractals dont make you rich in the first place it is possible to benefit from them. For instance when you have to solve some kind of problem which cannot be solved the conventional way, think fractal. The problem does not even have to do anything with mathematics, chaos or fractals. It is just the way of thinking that will change you point of view an you will open your mind to completly new possibilitys.

But fractals can be applied to the world of money, too. As Benoît Mandelbrot tought us: human behaviour is fractal, share prices are fractal and so on. To calculate the fluctuation within a share price is not possible with common mathematics. Using fractal methods, though makes it possible for you to understand these fluctuations better and therefor you will be more successfull trading stocks.

Benoît Mandelbrot wrote a book dealing with this topic which should help you understand the appliance of fractals to markets better:

The (Mis) Behaviour of Markets: A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin and Reward


This is just one example how to make money with fractals. But once again: the new points of view you will observe the world after understanding fractals is priceless.