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The Sierpinski Pyramide is a fractal which does not need much ressources to build and is thus a recommendable choice if you want to build fractals in your environment. But it is a very complex structure and not easy to build. Also the Sierpinski Pyramide is usually build out of litte pyramides. That is impossible of course in Minecraft so you have to adjust it a little: Instead of little pyramides take cubes and rotate the pyramide, that all edges are on one of the axis x,y or z.


Sierpinski Pyramide - Iteration Rules

1.Take a cube.

2.Divide it into 8 smaller cubes.

3.Choose one lower corner.

4.Take away every cube that has no direct contact to it.

5.Take every remaining cube and repeat step 1-5


Sierpinski Pyramide Data


Size Material In Stacks Approx Building time


4 < 1 < 1 min


16 < 1 1 min


64 1 5 min
4th 16x16x16 256 4 20 min


1024 16 2 - 3 h
6th 64x64x64 4096 64 10 - 15 h

Tips for the construction

Get all the materials you need before you start building the Sierpinski Pyramide. If you dont it is very likely that you loose the motivation.

Build it pyramidewise not layerwise. This is much easier and you wont make as many mistakes.

Build a small Sierpinski Pyramide first. It is very important to know the fractal.

Mind your step. When you fall off great hights you will die. Use the shift key to sneak.